Surrender... to all that is beyond your control
Wonder... drop what you know and come from a place of inquiry
Equanimity... "meeting life as it meets you--calmly, without drama or fuss." -Baron Baptiste
Authenticity... dropping our masks and allowing our true selves to be seen and celebrated
Truth... you are always on your way to something bigger and more beautiful than you can imagine

Our MISSION is to use yoga, movement, and meditation to fuel an authentic, inspired life – accessing our highest good while celebrating and supporting the highest good in each other. We seek constant progress and stand for continued growth.

We are on an endless pursuit to help our students realize that a power yoga practice is highly accessible – it truly is for everyone and every body.

Our VISION is to be the hub for a community of people doing the work to live our best lives, supporting each other in our pursuit of our authentic selves, and encouraging each other to reach our highest potential.