frequently asked questions

  • What type of yoga is offered?

  • I am a beginner, what class is best for me?

    • Our classes are for ALL levels, from aspiring yogis to seasoned practitioners. SWEAT classes are meant to challenge you throughout your practice. We offer Inner Flow, Brogo (Yoga for Men), Restore & Renew, and Foundations. All are great points-of-entry to your practice. Check our schedule for more info.

  • What if I’m not flexible?

    • We are not contortionists and there is no expectation to be “bendy.” Our classes will increase flexibility, stability, and mobility.

  • What if I can’t do the yoga poses?

    • There is no such thing as a “perfect posture.” This practice is about connecting with, listening to, and creating what feels good in your body in the present moment. Our classes follow the same blue print sequence created by Baron Baptiste himself. You will become familiar with the Journey Into Power sequence and use it as a foundation for your yoga poses and practice.

  • Will I SWEAT?

    • Well, yeah! The combination of our infrared heat, vinyasa flow, and breath practice will allow your body to eliminate toxins and reveal a whole new power within you.

    • Please commit to coming to class hydrated - at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day.

    • SWEAT Sessions are heated 90-95 degrees.

    • All non-SWEAT Sessions classes are heated 80 to 85 degrees.

  • Should I eat before coming to class?

    • Being properly hydrated and fueled are important for a strong practice, so we like to have a small snack an hour or so before class - a smoothie, piece of fruit or 1/2 of an energy bar. We recommend coming to class on a fairly empty stomach.

  • What should I bring with me to class?

    • You and your energy! Additional items may include: a yoga mat, a bottle full of water, small sweat towel, a yoga mat towel.

    • We rent yoga mats for $3, hand towels for $1, and yoga mat towels for $2.

    • We sell industry favorite yoga mats, water bottles, hand towels, and yoga mat towels.

  • What should I wear?

    • We recommend wearing wicking athletic attire shorts or tights, and form fitting tank tops/t-shirts.

    • Plan to SWEAT! bringing an additional change of clothes is optional as some prefer to remove their drenched yoga clothes after class.

Sometimes the bravest and most courageous thing you can do is just show up.
— Brené Brown

Pricing & Package Policies

  • Is the first class free?

    • Even better! For the first 10 days we offer new students an unlimited yoga pass to experience all of our classes for $30!!!

  • Do you offer discounted packages?

    • Yes. Students, Mature yogis (65+), first responders, and mlitary receive 20% off of 10 and 20 class package prices. All discounted packages require an ID and can be purchased in-studio.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    • You are able to remove your reservation from Mind Body up to 2 hours prior to the class start time to apply the reservation to another class. If your reservation is not cancelled within the 2 hour window prior to the start of class you will loose that session.

  • What is the expiration policy on my class package?

    • 10 and 20 class packages expire 6 months from the date of activation (your first class in that package). *Please not that, in an effort to keep class prices as affordable as possible for our community, we will not honor expired packages and cannot offer an extension to expiration dates. Roll out you mat and SWEAT with us!