60 & 75 minute SWEAT sessions

Strengthen, lengthen and stretch your entire body in this flow-based power vinyasa class based on the Baptiste ‘Journey into Power’ sequence. A great way to start or reset your day, drop what you know, and create space for something new. Offered in 60, 75 and 90 minute sessions.

Sunday Service

Donation-based community class offered on Sunday mornings.  Our way to say Thank You, an opportunity to raise awareness, and chance to give back.  Class is free, and donations are encouraged. Recommended donation of $5 - $20.  All charities will be local and chosen on a monthly basis. Donations will be made at the end of the month on behalf of the SWEAT Power yoga community.

TRX fit flow

Infuse body weight resistance exercises with TRX Yoga Flow for the ultimate strengthening practice.  Crank up your internal temperature as you simultaneously increase body awareness, build strength, increase core stability and elevate your heart rate on the TRX suspension trainer.

TRX yoga flow

Leverages the TRX Suspension Trainer to build true resilience and allow you to fully explore movement without fear or hesitation. TRX Yoga Flow emphasizes strengthening the body through integrated movements that will simultaneously increase flexibility while coordinating movement with breath. ~ warm room

Yin Yoga

The perfect balance to the Yang of our fast-paced lives! It is a meditative style of yoga with longer held postures designed to release tension deep in the muscles and connective tissue - including the hips, pelvis, inner thighs and lower spine.