The transformation begins October 2, 2017!

DO the Work.  BE the Change.

Invest in you this fall.  We are pleased to bring you this transformative program at no additional cost to you.
Pay only for your yoga classes.  
Copies of Baron Baptiste's book 40 Days to a Personal Revolution are available to purchase in-studio.



40 Days to a Personal Revolution is a breakthrough program designed by Baron Baptiste.  Through yoga, meditation, diet and personal inquiry, you are given the tools to radically change your body and set yourself free to live the healthful life you have always imagined. 


Increased mental clarity, lightness of body and illumination of spirit that comes with whole-life health!  If you are looking to deepen your practice, or hit the reset button, join us in creating and reinforcing healthy habits and forward progress.


SWEAT has partnered with the Baptiste Institute to deliver a powerful 40 Day program that will provide you with the tools you need and the support you deserve to step more fully into your own light.  We are committed to holding space for you to do the work.